17 Jan 2012

Wear Your Opinion

Wear Your Opinion (WYO.in) is about great designs. Designs that are socially relevant. What's more interesting is that we always have opinions about each and everything but we are human and we often get tired (occasionally ) talking about it. So to overcome our human weakness but still carry around our opinion, we thought why should we not Wear Our Opinion. The young team at WYO.in looks at our society and pin points things (not issues) that ridicule, trouble and annoy us.They then work with their brilliant & creative designer panel to bring those societal things onto nice tees. Tees that are not only great in quality (100% cotton, 160-180 g.s.m.) but also wonderfully cut and stitched. Thus WYO.in brings you Tee's that not only makes you look smart but social smart!!!

Available at Actually By Chance.

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