17 Jan 2012

Wear Your Opinion

Wear Your Opinion (WYO.in) is about great designs. Designs that are socially relevant. What's more interesting is that we always have opinions about each and everything but we are human and we often get tired (occasionally ) talking about it. So to overcome our human weakness but still carry around our opinion, we thought why should we not Wear Our Opinion. The young team at WYO.in looks at our society and pin points things (not issues) that ridicule, trouble and annoy us.They then work with their brilliant & creative designer panel to bring those societal things onto nice tees. Tees that are not only great in quality (100% cotton, 160-180 g.s.m.) but also wonderfully cut and stitched. Thus WYO.in brings you Tee's that not only makes you look smart but social smart!!!

Available at Actually By Chance.

19 Dec 2011


The best place to seek God is in a garden- George Bernard Shaw

The Green essence Store is a concept to bring nature close to our lives. Started by Shabari and Dhanya, two talented ladies from Bangalore, the store was born with an idea to brighten up our lives with living energy.
Furnish with Nature….
Place these modern pots in your balcony, by the window sill o in the hallway, beside your bathtub or on the dining table. Spread them out, and watch your home come to life!!!!
Say it with Plants...
Take stylish plant arrangements as the perfect gift! Its a gift that keeps on gifting!!!!!!!They are eco-friendly, attractive and long lasting.

Available at Actually By Chance very soon!

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11 Dec 2011


Paintings shouldn't be confined to the walls of our homes or museums. Think of a world where you can carry the pieces of art you love wherever you go! With Crazy Palette its possible where the aim is to bring the canvas off the walls and onto your clothes and accessories.
With a degree in Multimedia and Animation, Rishma Lath creates accessories spiced up a bit with a brush & mixed with appliques and embellishments.  Her designs and methods are constantly evolving and changing. 
Crazy Palette has loads of creations for all ages. A product line ranging from apparel, accessories to home decor to satisfy your indulgence for art and fashion.

Available soon at Actually By Chance.

7 Dec 2011


Add some life to you homes by decorating it with tarana products :)

Fun in the mundane!
At Tarana they strive to achieve fun, quirk and all the things that an active imagination would lend itself to. 
Dealing with the idea of concept art, they create fun yet functional products for your home.
Working in various media, right from wood to metal and pvc, you'll find their household accessories in any medium that the idea lends itself to.
What more, apart from offering readymade products she also customizes products for clients, based on their need, budget and aesthetic.

Available soon at Actually By Chance.

3 Dec 2011


Key holder

Ganesha Hanging

Photo frame


Photo frame



Name plate


Name plate

Ganesh Wall hanging

A company that shapes extraordinary art out of ordinary things

A simple block of wood.
A plain sheet of glass.
A leaf of handmade paper.
A piece of metal.
When seen differently, these objects would hardly covet a second look. But, when seen through the eyes of the artisans at Panchatatva, they take on a totally different meaning, form and dimension. 
Panchatatva is the brainchild of Shraddha Goyal, Creative Head, qualified graphic designer and calligraphy artist. She leads a team of professional designers who collaborates their collective experiences, ideas and endeavours, operating from the in house, fully equipped Design Studio.
Products- Home decor, murals, photo frames, clocks, name plates, key holders, paintings, kitchen, personalized & customized gifts, Indian handicrafts n alot more....... 

Available soon at Actually By Chance.